Director Message

Director Message

I believe in overall development of each child academic as well as social. We bestow them with vision and passion to become future role models for society.

At H.S. DISHA PUBLIC SCHOOL,Bilaspur, Greater Noida, It has been our constant endeavor to provide a platform to students as well as teacher to voice their opinion from and also exhibit and appreciate in note talent we firmly believe that teaching is the unraveling of the mysteries of the world around us by un- locking the creative potential of young inquisitive minds. It is our aim to make the quest for knowledge a life –long passion for every student, to encourage every child a deep sense of living valued and loved, so that he may share the joy of being with all the meets. All the activities academic and co-curricular- that are organized in H.S. DISHA PUBLIC SCHOOL

are geared towards realizing the goals to become a disciplined citizen. At H.S. DISHA PUBLIC SCHOOL, we avail an aura of positivity and good enounce, so that the teaching staff can transfer the same aura with dignity in an aesthetic manner to the children. I wish that we would always generate this kind of enthusiasm among all to continue the process of learning and teaching.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent efforts”.
Mr. Sachin Chechi
(Director of H.S. Disha Public School)