The two libraries, one for seniors and the other for juniors are fully automated with state-of-the-aft facilities and well stocked with a record number of books, periodicals, magazines, journals, national details, etc. Students are advised to make optimum use of library resources, maintain absolute silence and extend courtesy to the "temple of knowledge" by observing the following rules:

All students must come to the library in a single line according to their roll number.

The reader's ticket card will be issued at the beginning of the session and has to be returned at the close of each session to the librarian. In case of worn out or lost card, an amount of Rs. 50/- will be charged for a fresh one with an application from parents.

The library has an 'open access system' i.e. the children are allowed to go directly to the shelves and take books of their own choice.

The students are not allowed to bring their personal belonging or books into the library.

Books are issued to students of class IV-XII for 7 days and can be reissued, if not demanded by anyone else.

In case of not returning the issued book on due date, the defaulter will have to pay a fine of Rs. 5/- per day, otherwise, he / she has to pay decided amount of the book.

In case the books are marked, disfigured, damaged or lost it will have to be replaced by the borrower.

In case of need, photocopies of the relevant material for the reserved section of the library can be made available. The student has to pay Rs. 2/- per copy.

When leaving the library, chairs must be pushed under the table without creating noise.

If, library rules are not followed, the facilities of the same may be withdrawn from the student for a specific period of time.